NAMEC coordination

  • Simon Perraud, CEA, France

  • Monique Idiri, European Commission, Directorate General for Research & Innovation

  • Sophia Fantechi, European Commission, Directorate General for Research & Innovation

  • Luc Aixala, CEA, France: thermoelectrics

  • David Gutierrez Tauste, LEITAT, Spain​: photovoltaics, batteries

  • Amaya Igartua, IK4-TEKNIKER, Spain: solar thermal energy

  • Friedrich Kessler, ZSW, Germany: photovoltaics

  • Jan König, Fraunhofer IPM, Germany: thermoelectrics

  • Marcel Meeus, SUSTESCO, Belgium​: batteries

  • Alejandro Perez-Rodriguez, IREC, Spain: photovoltaics

  • Alexander Ulyashin, SINTEF, Norway: photovoltaics


 NAMEC is the overarching cluster set up by the European Commission to bring together EU funded R&I projects focused on nanotechnologies and advanced materials for renewable energy, energy storage and energy efficiency technologies:



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